– Late Night Story, Xaviera, Bad Cat (Adelaide), March 2015

– Notoriously Yours, Her, (Adelaide), March 2014, (Edinburgh), August 2014.

– The Reading Sessions, ensemble, (Adelaide), July 2013

– Muff by Van Badham, Eve, (Adelaide), May 2013

– The Reading Sessions, Ensemble, (Adelaide), September 2012

– Dance Hall, Ensemble, Parachutes for Ladies and Vitalstatistix (Adelaide), June 2012

– Don’s Party by David Williamson, Kerry, Adelaide Repertory Theatre, June 2012

– Daisy and Ray Get Hitched (Wedding and Theatre Event), White Room Events and Higher Ground, June 2012

– 24 Hour Theatre, University of Adelaide Theatre Guild, February 2012

– Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Swan Hill Theatre Company, (Swan Hill), November 2009

– The Wizard of Oz, Wicked Witch of the West, Swan Hill Theatre Company (Swan Hill), June 2009

– An Air Balloon Across Antarctica, Caitlin, Three to a Room, February-March 2008 (Adelaide), July-August 2007 (Edinburgh), June-July 2007 (Melbourne), July 2004 (Melbourne)

– 8 Gen-X Women, Ensemble, Short and Sweet Theatre (Melbourne), November-December 2006

– Macbeth Re-Arisen, Hecate, White Whale Theatre, July-August 2006 (Edinburgh), June-July 2006 (Melbourne)

– Unfantastic Lives, Lily, La Mama (Melbourne), May 2006

– The Vagina Monologues, Ensemble, Warburton Woman’s Festival (Commission), March 2006

– Everything Is Invisible, Dorothea Cranbourne, Invisible Productions (Melbourne), October 2005

– The Scattergun Project, Ensemble, St Martin’s Youth Arts Centre (Melbourne), May 2004

– Sweet Phoebe, Helen, Allen Hall Theatre (New Zealand), October 2000

– Coyote Ugly, Scarlet Pewsey, Allen Hall Theatre (New Zealand), October 2000

– Crimes of the Heart, Meg, Allen Hall Theatre (New Zealand), June 2000

– Low Level Panic, Jo, Allen Hall Theatre (New Zealand), October 1999

– The Tempest, Miranda, Allen Hall Theatre (New Zealand), October 1999

– Lady Windermere’s Fan, Lady Windermere, The Globe Theatre (New Zealand), June 1999

– The Merchant of Venice, Narissa, The Globe Theatre (New Zealand), February 1999


– Daisy and Ray Get Hitched (engagement shoot), White Room Events and Cinecraft (Adelaide), April 2012

– Run for your Life, Supporting Role, Short Film (Melbourne), September 2006,

– In Security, Lead Role, Short Film (Melbourne), August, 2005,

– The Line, Supporting Role, Adante Productions (Melbourne), May 2005,

– The Treasurer, Supporting Role, 15/15 Competition Film (Melbourne), March 2005,

– Francium and Mirth, Lead Role, Tropfest Film (Melbourne), January 2005,

– Forgotten Mothra, Supporting Role, Mothra Competition (New Zealand), September 2000,

– Poppy Days, Supporting Role, Short Film (New Zealand), October 2000,

– Scarfies, Featured Extra, Feature Film (New Zealand), August 1998,


– RAA, Featured Extra, November, 2016

– Complete Home Transformations, Lead Visual, October 2012

– Kirin Beer Commercial, Visual, November 2005

– Arnott’s Commercial, Visual, August 2005

– Telecom Commercial, Visual, July 2000